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Best Cat Toilet Training Kit

Best Cat Toilet Training Kit

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Enjoy your feline without the mess using the Cat Toilet Training Kit. This 5-step program gradually introduces your pet to the toilet. It's effective on cats of all ages and sizes and attaches and removes easily. This accessory is made of plastic and designed for use with nearly any toilet set up. The cat training kit eliminates odors and litter from the home.

  • Toilet Training Kit, Cat
  • As seen on TV. 1. Replace litter box. 2. Train. 3. Litter free! Bonus - catnip included! No more litter. Save time. Save money. Eco-friendly. Fits all toilets - guaranteed! The  Toilet Training Kit uses a proven, disappearing litter box technique that has successfully toilet trained cats for decades. This is a clean, cost-effective and earth-friendly alternative to the litter box. Works with cats of all size & age! Pack includes: Specially-designed training seat - gradually transitions your cat(s) to the toilet. Fits all toilets including round and elongated, guaranteed! Training insert enables you to move forward or backward in the transition process. Training guide - easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Insider tips - transition tips from our training experts. CitiNip - premium, naturally-grown catnip motivates and rewards your cat during the transition. 


Warning Text: recommends toilet training cats that are successfully litter box trained and are at least three months of age or older. Not recommended for cats that weigh over 25 lbs. Cats that suffer from illnesses such as arthritis or urinary tract infections are not recommended for toilet training. If your cat is pregnant, in heat, or as recently given birth to kittens, Recommends waiting at least two months before toilet training. If you are pregnant or nursing recommends you consult with your physician before toilet training your cat.


Size: 37x38 cm

Item type: cat toilet training kit

Material: PP

Fits for: cats

Function: keep your cat clean

Features: give you a clean living environment

Size: fits all toilets


Package includes: 1 set of cat toilet training kit


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