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Cat Hoodie With Cuddle Kangaroo Pouch

Cat Hoodie With Cuddle Kangaroo Pouch

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Cat Hoodie With Kangaroo Pouch

Size Info

Cat hoodie with pouch size

Are you a Cat Lover? Then you will sure like this Hoodie!

This is the best cat hoodie I have ever seen. This hoodie comes with a cozy space for your cat or kitten to cuddle in!

The soft pouch sits comfortably right at belly level and provides plenty of room for your cat to walk in a million circles before finally curling up to nap.

It even has extra long drawstrings with fluffy ends to give your pet something to play with too!

Weight / Pouch Dimensions

- Inner Pouch Dimensions: 14" (35.56cm) width, 9" (22.86cm) height and 4" (10.16cm) depth
- Pet Weight Support: 7 kilos or (15.43 lbs)

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