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Removable Cat Window Hammock

Removable Cat Window Hammock

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Create a special perch for your cat at home today!

Cats often glue themselves to the window. Fulfill the desire of your indoor cat for the outside world by letting them lay on this cozy Cat Hammock Window Bed. This way they can stare out the window and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside without sacrificing their comfort. Keeping them stress free and happy

You can also easily install this hammock bed firmly on any wall or cupboard too.

The PERFECT GIFT for every Cat Lover who truly love their Cat!

  • SIZE: 68CM X 28CM
  • Capable of supporting a weight of up to 15KG
  • Install firmly on wall, window and furniture
  • Super easy to install
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a Bed made with high quality oxford cloth + Nylon + PP + PVC for the comfort of your pets 
  • Suitable for all cats and kittens
  • Durable
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